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Who SEOVEC is…

the Southeastern Ohio Voluntary Education Cooperative, which was formed in 1972 when the school districts Athens, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Meigs, Morgan, and Perry counties joined together to assist in developing and implementing selected educational services and programs which could be conducted more effectively and/or efficiently through cooperation. Washington county joined the Cooperative in 1976. SEOVEC was reorganized in 1985 as a Council of Governments to better serve its participating member districts. Services are also available to school districts located outside the eight-county region. SEOVEC is one of 20+ Information Technology Centers (ITC) (formerly known as “A-Sites or “DA-Sites”) across the state of Ohio and is a member of the MCOECN which is part of the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN).

How SEOVEC is governed…

  1. Authorized Representatives from each school district who meet a minimum of two times a year to establish the objectives, services, and programs of SEOVEC and to evaluate its operation.

  2. A Governing Board comprised of a representative from each of the current member counties who meet semi-monthly to determine the general operation of the service center including budget expenditures and agency programming.

  3. An Executive Officer who administers the day-to-day activities of the center.

How SEOVEC is funded…

  1. Federal reimbursements for Internet Access costs from the Universal Services Fund (Erate) which total more than $750,000.

  2. State subsidies totaling more than $300,000 for Computer Network Services for the school districts from the member counties.

  3. Local revenue from participating school districts which contribute a base of $1.00 per pupil.

  4. Fees associated with services provided to participating school districts through the Cooperative.

How SEOVEC is accountable…

  1. As a State agency, SEOVEC must adhere to strict guildlines for accountability for the security of data entrusted to it and for finances. Both areas fall under the oversight of the Ohio Auditor of State and the Ohio Department of Education.

  2. A financial audit is performed biannually by an Auditor on SEOVEC accounts while basic transactions are included in the annual financial audit. A copy of the latest financial audit is available in the ‘Download’ section of the ‘Resources’ tab.

  3. An annual SOC-1 (data and security) audit is performed by the Auditor of State. A copy of the latest SOC-1 is available in the ‘Download’ section of the ‘Resources’ tab.

  4. SEOVEC is required to submit an annual Continuous Improvement Plan to the Department of Education. This plan is composed of two parts: the Checklist, which insures compliance with the legal requirements of the Ohio Administrative Code; and the Narrative, which summarizes the performance levels attained for the previous fiscal year’s goals and outlines the goals for the coming fiscal year. Copies of the latest C.I.P. on file are available in the ‘Download’ section of the ‘Resources’ tab.

What SEOVEC is comprised of…

  1. Insurance Bidding Service

    -Dental Insurance
  2. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  3. Computer Network



    -Student Scheduling, Grade and Attendance Reporting

    -Data Equipment Maintenance

    -State and Federal Reporting

    -Library Management

    -On-line Media & Information Resources

    -Financial Forecasting
  4. Cooperative Supplies/Equipment Bidding Services

    -Audio-Visual and Library Equipment

    -Bakery Supplies

    -Bus Purchasing

    -Copier and Data Processing Paper

    -Educational and Office Supplies

    -Electrical Supplies

    -Janitorial Supplies

    -Lunchroom Staples, Frozen Foods and Paper Supplies

    -Musical Supplies

    -Natural Gas Supplier

    -On-Line Electronic Bid Package

    -Paint Supplies

    -Petroleum Products

    -Physical Education/ Medical Supplies

    -Science Supplies
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